Comparative panorama

photo: panorama with Photoshop CS5
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With a lot of people being hyped up about the panorama feature in Lightroom 6 and considering I do like to merge landscape photographs into high detail panoramas, I thought it was time to compare Lightroom with Photoshop CS5.

First I let Lightroom merge five photos.

Panorama with Lightroom 6
Panorama with Lightroom 6

I was surprised that the last photo in the series got cut off. A perfect reason to create the panorama the old way, by feeding Photoshop CS5 the same sources.

Panorama with Photoshop CS5
Panorama with Photoshop CS5

The sources used in both.

Obviously, Lightroom does a better job when it comes to creating the straight lines, so the building appears less skewed. For me it is far more important – since CS5 provides a lot of ways to correct the crooked lines – that it uses all the available images it gets fed to create a panorama as wide as possible.

The way Lightroom now performs the trick leaves me in the field with a feeling of uncertainty; did I take enough shots, will Lightroom use them all? Important questions, because the software does not give us any tools to alter the projection of the panorama it will create for us, other than spherical, cylindrical, perspective and auto.

Disclaimer… The names Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 6 are owned by Adobe and I am in no way connected to that company other than being their – at times reluctant – customer.