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João Sousa @ Red Clay
In june 2014 I had the pleasure to visit João Sousa in his studio, where he creates musical instruments that not only look good, but sound great too! Because of that, his work is wanted by musicians all over the world.

Birth of an Ocarina

Manifestations Lisboa
For many Portuguese these were times that vibrated with hope; “finally, people are waking up”, “now things will have to change, there is no other way”, “they wont´get away with the lies and all their stealing this time” … Coming from a different background, I recognized their fearful hopes all […]

Projecto Vergonha | Mass hypnosis

Biofranco, abandoned factory
Whilst moving my ass through Portugal, I soon discovered that the country has an enormous amount of abandoned buildings. From rural shacks to desolated former hotels and psychiatric wards with the tools of the trade still in place. Or empty factories, like in Amadora, just a few minutes away from […]

Projecto Abandonado