Festival Energeia

photo: RCA Alvalade empty

Client: Ars Vitae | Associação Cultural e Recreativa

After working together on other people’s festivals for a while now, Lina decided that we should organize our own festival. We had the contacts, we knew the right people and we knew that there would be enough people to support us. It was a time of traveling: persuading bands to play, asking sound engineers and light wizards to show their skills.

While my back was giving me more and more problems I kept on doing what we agreed upon. I took care of the Making Of photography series that was supposed to be used for the second edition. Little did I know that our cooperation was about to end, that there would never be a second Festival Energeia and that my photos would never be published.

To make matters worse I agreed upon not being the designated photographer to shoot the performances. As she put it, Lina did not want me to fuck up my back completely and feel bad about that.

Instead she chose to hire her long time friend Rui Leal for that. Later I learned that he was the only photographer who got paid.

Lessons learnt.



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