Metal @ Metalpoint – Tó Pica

photo: Tó Pica @ Metalpoint
Tó Pica @ Metalpoint

Tó Pica, currently guitarist with R.A.M.P., SACRED SIN & SECRET LIE participated in several projects throughout his 23 year career as a musician. Considered by critics one of the best guitarists in the Portuguese music scene in 1991, he recorded his first album with Sacred Sin. Followed by several European tours with Sacred Sin and the first ever video by a Portuguese band on MTV.

He is one of the most respected metal guitarists in Portugal and a constant presence in the major national festivals, where he shared the stage with renowned bands, including Metallica, Lamb of God, Mastodon, Machine Head and Slipknot.

With about 10 albums recorded and several cameos, Is This The Best You Can Do is his first solo album.

Parallel to his musicianship, Tó gives guitar lessons, retains his activity as a creative composer and numerous participations in other directions and advertises as guitarist, composer and producer.

Source: Premiere Music