Bombeiros de Minho

Blamedutchie Manifesto In Minho 00001

The past months I´ve been on the road with Manifesto in a different setting than in previous years. Was I previously taking photos, lately I’ve been playing with them on their Dar o corpo ao Manifesto tour in support of the Portuguese voluntary firefighters. A very exciting and satisfying experience, I can assure you. Of course this doesn’t mean that I don’t shoot anymore, it’s just that I focus on different things.

In the weekend of 15 july this year we went to the region that goes by the name Minho, which also happens to be an area that each summer suffers from many a forest fire. During our trip we visited a few beautiful villages and tasted some of the wonderful Vinhos Verdes Tintos. I present you a few photos taken at Celorico de Basto and Cabeceiras de Basto. I feel I should have taken many more, but as mentioned: my focus was on playing music.

More images below the video.