• Alcochete afternoon

    Alcochete afternoon

    Those who know me better than in passing, also know that I am interested in abandoned places…

  • We are back!

    We are back!

    So many years it took. Such a long time before stepping back and forth between my doubtful…

  • Tearing off the mask

    Tearing off the mask

    In 2013 I shot this festival for the first time and ever since I wanted to shoot…

  • Newer age

    Newer age

    It is no coincidence that, in the late eighties and early nineties, the Reiki landscape in The…

  • Exit, stage left!

    Exit, stage left!

    It takes effort to hold on to the good memories only, when moving towards a new career…

  • Intimidation in the first degree

    Intimidation in the first degree

    Do we really create our fears? If so, how?

  • The purpose of disappointment

    The purpose of disappointment

    Thoughts on disappointment and what we can learn from feeling it.

  • The Inevitability Of Decay

    The Inevitability Of Decay

    Quinta Real de Caxias, with its marvelous Jardins da Cascata da Quinta Real de Caxias.

  • Moment by moment

    Moment by moment

    From a healing perspective, separating mind and body is unrealistic and counterproductive.