• Wonderful bodies

    Wonderful bodies

    Ergon Guitars, where guitars are being persuaded to slowly reveal themselves. Impressions of creation Impressions of rehab…

  • Birth of an Ocarina

    Birth of an Ocarina

    Spending a few hours at Red Clay

  • Tattoo & Rock Festival 2011

    Tattoo & Rock Festival 2011

    Walking around at the Tattoo & Rock Festival and taking some shots of not-ordinary people,

  • Projecto Vergonha | Mass hypnosis

    Projecto Vergonha | Mass hypnosis

    Something happening here For many Portuguese these were times that vibrated with hope; “finally, people are waking…

  • Projecto Abandonado

    Projecto Abandonado

    While moving my ass through Portugal, I soon discovered that the country has an enormous amount of…