Tattoo & Rock Festival 2011

photo: tattoo & rock festival impression

Tattoos… I admit: I don’t like them. There have been times that I thought I wanted one and then – after spending some time in one of the best tattoo shops in the world, located in Scheveningen – I got convinced that it’s not my thing.

I do tip my hat to the artists that work their ink and needles, whether electrical or manual, I truly do. But looking at people who have tattoos too long gives me the creeps. Especially people who have a lot of them. I have heard all the reasons why people (think they want to) have tattoos and with respect for all of them and the art: I think in most cases it’s a matter of self-deception. The pain of the needle, in order to feel something. I think that when you are really happy with yourself there is no need to alter your skin.

But it’s a free world, so… Do whatever you please as long as you don’t cause a murder.

The reason I went to shoot this event was that I wanted to hone my skills of shooting in bad light. Considering the popularity of tattoos I was hoping for some really awkward people and scenes. I even paid to get access since the organization did not give accreditation but simply allowed everybody to take pictures. After two hours and a half, I got so bored that I decided to not even wait for the band to start playing. The soundcheck told me everything I needed to know: I was not going to like it.

Funny thing is that – even though most tattooed people like to show their body – walking around with a camera that’s bigger than a phone seems to put them off… I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, people are strange.