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In 2011, four musicians meet to play a direct and unpretentious rock, with all Portuguese lyrics. An emotional statement of principles that could only have a name that reflects their state of mind… MANIFESTO.

The first single, a tribute to maestro Fernando Lopes Graça and poet José Gomes Ferreira, “Acordai“, is their take on the original theme of the maestro. It spins up towards a surprising rock approach, reviving a message that today remains as current as it was when the poet wrote his lines.

In 2014 the band released their first CD. “Homónimo” got recorded in the BEBOP studios and the production, recording, mastering and mixing was done by Cajó (Xutos & Pontapés, Os Censurados, Tara Perdida, and more).

The official video of the single “Arriscar“, produced by Three Little Pigs, was presented to the public in May.

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For a while, I was their house photographer. We got close and, later, I was invited as a guest musician and we toured the North of the country. Good fun!