Rock in Amadora 2013 | Day 1

photo: concert registration

Thirty degrees and it has not even started

Nothing happens without people ignoring the blistering heat…

Os Outros

The first band of the first day. From a band’s perspective having the hardest job in the world of concerts: opening a festival while the sun is still shining and you know you are not the band that people came for. In fact, most people might be there for the fast-food…

Dr. Zilch

Like with so many bands in this scene, I’ve seen all members before. Playing in different bands. Of course I have my ideas about this incestuous behavior, but I stay silent. I smile and shoot.

Sacred Sin

As soon as Sacred Sin climbs on stage, it becomes clear that they are the reason most people are here. Lots of screaming, whistling and jumping. And beer, duh…