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Hot day at Guincho - panorama
Hot day at Guincho – panorama

There are times that I feel a bit disconnected from the part that wants to go out and shoot. At times like that I can not seem to see enough beauty around me to capture. I am not the kind of photographer that always carries a camera when on the road. That´s too much of a hassle for me – it´s silly maybe, I know – even though that age old adage which states that every real photographer has his camera glued to his hand or at the very least to some part of his body. I like to take longs walks with and without the camera and sometimes I just don’t want its bouncing weight on me. That´s all there is too it.

As if my dear friend Nuno knew that I was looking around for something new to see, he invited me to document one of his outdoor geology lessons in pictures.

Hot Day at Guincho photograph
Arrival at Guincho

After joining the group and the short introductions we were on our way to the first location. While listening to Nuno´s explanations, looking at the beach and the rocks I allowed myself to sink into mindset of the hunt. Giving my eyes time to adjust to a different way of looking at rocks and layers of them. The influence of occurrences over a long period of time; water shaping sediment and rocks hollowed out by sand, the moving of the tide, a shift in the balance of the almost ball we call earth, tectonic plates moving and grinding. Nature in her most patient form, mixed with her brutal explosions of violence. A mixture creating peaceful habitats and warm beaches as well as dangerous, high, unstable and rough places where only the boldest of the brave dare to go.

Hot Day at Guincho photograph
Hot Day at Guincho

We we lucky with the weather at Guincho, there was hardly any wind – which is unusual – and the sun was burning down on us as if summer just got a restart. Of course, still at home, getting ready to leave, I had thought of wearing my head. With so much less hair, I have to be careful! But I forgot the thing, and at some point took my T-Shirt of. No shade in sight, walking on rocks and sand. Let´s say that by the time we got back home I looked pretty well done.

Just a rock?
Just a rock?

Was it worth it? Hell yes! We had great fun, the experience was new, reboosted my feeling of creativity and field of view. The Portuguese weather revealed its best side and I have a tan that Dutch people usually can only dream of, so bring it on. One thing is certain though: I will never look at rocks the same way again.


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