Quinta do Pisão

20161030 Blamedutchie Quinta Do Pisao 12

Quinta do Pisão is located in the North of the municipality of Cascais, at the base of the Sintra mountain range, and it covers an area of 380 hectares within the Sintra Cascais Natural Park. Dedicated to farming, forestry and pasture, it represents an important heritage, both in the structural organization, partitioning and rational use of the landscape, and through the presence of ruins of cultural and architectural value. Human intervention in this territory resulted in the appearance of new habitats and ecological niches, which are important for nature preservation.

The Centro de Cultura e Desporto do pessoal do Município de Cascais is responsible for the biological garden where one can pick and buy vegetables. Follow this link for information on how that works and – for those who don´t want to get their hands dirty – how to order baskets.