Jazz at Campo Grande

Reading Time: 3 minutes || A park, lots of sunshine, smiling people, dancing children and mind altering smoking material blowing in your face from several sources… Jazz may smell funny, but it is definitely not dead. Every second of the performance Michael Lauren All Stars laid down can only be described … Continue readingJazz at Campo Grande

Alcateia @ Popular Alvalade

Reading Time: 4 minutes || I remember meeting Hugo Felício for the first time. Almost instantly we connected very well, both boys in an adult body, trying to make sense of the world and mostly ourselves. At that time Hugo was playing together with Rui Martins, Cláudia Duarte and Carlos … Continue readingAlcateia @ Popular Alvalade

Metal @ Metalpoint – Tó Pica

Reading Time: 3 minutes || Tó Pica, currently guitarist with R.A.M.P., SACRED SIN & SECRET LIE participated in several projects throughout his 23 year career as a musician. Considered by critics one of the best guitarists in the Portuguese music scene in 1991, he recorded his first album with Sacred Sin. … Continue readingMetal @ Metalpoint – Tó Pica