Booster promotion

photo: promo material

Client: Lina Coelho, Ars Vitae – Associação Cultural e Recreativa

Working with Lina is always fun. Whether it is a full-blown live act or a set of rehearsals that we are working on with a band, there is time for laughs. She knows the kind of images she wants, knows where she wants to take a band, knows the way I like to work and that makes for productivity. All photos in this set are taken at the rehearsals and promotional events for the band’s fifth anniversary show at Cinema São Jorge.

Formed in 2008. First album “Conceito” released in 2012. Played at Festa do Avante, Hard-Club, Fnacs.

On March 30, 2013, the band celebrated their fifth anniversary with a concert in Cinema São Jorge. As guest players they invited Táxi, UHF, João Ribas and Charles Sangnoir, amongst others.

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