Porta Voz

photo: fingers on guitar strings

Client: Orlando Cohen, Porta Voz

Photos in this set were taken during a rehearsal.

Porta Voz emerged in April 1996, consisting of Bruno Alves (voice and bass), Orlando Cohen (guitar and backing vocals) and Albariño (drums). After being in existence for a month, they recorded the first demo with seven tracks.

The band started to perform small concerts in the greater Lisbon area. In 1998, a second (four track) demo saw the light.

In the year 2000 they felt they had accomplished their mission, played vibrant concerts, and most importantly, ended up doing what was in the “soul” … TOUCH AND FEEL … Rock & Roll forever …

Following that credo Porta Voz got back on track full throttle in 2011, still with Bruno Alves and Orlando Cohen but now with Paulo Caldas playing the drums.

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