A night at the Sabotage Club


As the first band walks on stage, the club is about half-full and already I can feel the temperature rising. I am mainly here because of Antillectual, a band from The Netherlands with which I hope to have a chat and maybe talk into doing a crazy outdoor photo shoot. Even though Sabotage is a small venue and punk-rock usually is more about attitude than quality, the guys are nervous. All the bands are nervous. And some appear to be already pretty drunk. As usual, after the soundcheck they went for dinner and, well… need I say more?

More and more people enter the venue and it becomes harder and harder to breath and take photos. Jumping, kicking, flying beer. It’s the usual scene for a place like this. I am told I have free access whenever I want to come and shoot, and I seriously had the idea to do that. It is nice to have a few steady places to create shots. Not for the first time, life pulled and pushed me in a different direction.