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My name is Ronald van Middendorp, I am a Lisbon-based Dutch independent (concert-) photographer and I have been photographing/documenting the Lisbon music scene since 2011. My concert portfolio ranges from well-known Portuguese bands like Dead Combo, Bizarra Locomotiva and Secret Lie to international stars like Ali Campbell, Boney M, Bonnie Tyler and Alphaville to name a few.

I’ve been published in Arte Sonora, Arte Fotografica International and other publications and several bands used my material for promotional purposes. In 2015, I got commissioned to design Tó Pica´s first solo album Is This The Best You Can Do?!

For me, shooting a band over a period of time, following their development, moments of joy, stress, anger, intense love – this is ROCK – is like finding a way to blend into everybody’s movements, focused on special moments, a nice naturally occurring frame, emotions, details, the bigger picture. The more I become a nearly invisible entity in whatever is going on, the more chances I get to get a really nice shot that goes beyond `just documenting´ and thus will make the artist shine.

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