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Thoughts vs Fingers

Writing an article on something specific if there is too much going on in my head can be a difficult process. For one thing, thoughts are faster than fingers on a keyboard, so I lose track of what I am thinking. I’ve tried dictation software many times, but after a while I get frustrated with the software not understanding what I mean and I go back to typing. The blessings of digital are many.

One thing that sometimes helps me decide my subject, is to read an article by someone who is currently on my radar, because of their style, content and thought provoking. Of course – with the growth of the internet of ad-driven content – this term appears to have gotten a new meaning. Copy/paste a fake news article about some rockstar, copy/paste a meme and off you go; thought provocation guaranteed.

One of the current blips on my radar is Mark “NYTimes bestselling author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” Manson. Reading his articles on Medium, I like his style, sense of humour and his being more than a meme creator. Mark really writes – for whatever the hell that means. A recent article from his hand on the meaning of life and how it relates to a sandwich got me thinking. In condensed form the article offers the idea to create meaning within ourselves, based upon our current need and the urgency to fulfil that need. Easy peasy, it will help to keep seeing things in perspective, but what if my current needs are many and all of them are really crucial and each depends on another to be fulfilled? How to know when, and how, to chunk up?

To be continued…