In search of the elusive self

20160906 Blame Dutchie Up The Hill 07

Who is this person?

This person waking up in the morning, experiencing a body that is – more or less – responding to the strange urge to get up. The physical need to start moving. Direction still unknown. A large window of opportunities, the warmth of the sun on his face, gently holding an empty coffee cup, birds singing inside some neighbor’s apartment.

Every morning the square comes to life in its own rhythm built upon years of repetitive processions of the same feet going into the same direction. Over time, the faces have changed – they got older – and the speed went down. The backbeat of younger, faster feet; their world is still young, what could possibly go wrong? No reason to wonder why you do what you do, everything is new so… Do!

And then come the habits. Those nasty little critters whose sole purpose in life is to mess up yours.