Junkie territory

20160902 Blame Dutchie Junkie Outhouse 02

There is always some risk involved in taking pictures at abandoned sites. Over the years I´ve met crazy cats, stray dogs and the occasional homeless. Therefore I always approach with caution, even if I already know a specific site. Sometimes I feel stupid when a building turns out to be completely empty, but as they say: better safe than sorry.

While I was working my way down an overgrown staircase I felt the hairs in my neck move and I got a strong sense that I was not alone. I decided to make some noise, kicked a piece of rock down the stairs and stood still. Within a few seconds I could hear noises from inside, so I quietly went back up and moved to a spot where I could see the entrance of what appeared to be junkie territory.

Indeed, I was not alone. There was a man sitting inside, smoking a cigarette and watching me. I could clearly see a knife on his leg. I raised my hand, acknowledging his presence and pointed my camera at a completely different spot as if the man was of no interest to me. It took only a few minutes before he decided to leave. Immediately, I went down the stairs again and took a few shots. I was told before that this area is home to the local junkies and this was the first one to come on my path. Personally, I would take care of my addiction in a happier place, being a junkie is bad enough as it is, but hey…