A short afternoon ride

20171111 Blamedutchie Barrunchal 03

Lately I have not been taking a lot of photos. More about the reasons why in an article I intend to publish later.

Last Saturday, it was only near the end of the afternoon that I felt stable enough to go out and drive a bit. My mood was not fantastic, I wanted to take photographs of something else than the bloody ocean and it was that time of day that the roads were filled with slow traffic. So whereto? Trying to avoid the grey pigeons behind their wheels, I ended up doing small circles in the vicinity of Trajouce, Cação and Barrunchal. An area of abandoned factories, old quintas and a brand new road connecting it all.

Sometimes I really miss being out in the campo, the lack of a wide view. Buildings in every direction, cars and people everywhere, it can be so overwhelming…

Barrunchal area