Casa do Tamariz

photo: interior photograph

The single best way to grow – mentally, professionally – is to get the hell out of our comfort zone. No matter what it is that we feel we are good at, it is vital to keep looking for challenges, to push the envelope. Failing to do so makes the comfort zone a dangerous place to be in. We get lazy, start playing it safe and stop being hungry. It’s a slippery slope, a comfort zone. When we are no longer evolving, progressing, we are not just standing still. No, it is much worse than that: we slide into a habit-forming repetitive slur of going through the motions of what we (have to) do and the results will suffer. Whatever it is we create, it will no longer shine, because we don’t.

If someone offers you an opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.

Sir Richard Branson

When the owners of a house that was made ready to be put up for rent on Airbnb asked me if I wanted to shoot the interior, I did not have to think long or hard. Of course I wanted to have a go at interior photography! And not only because I am the kind of guy that likes to help you reach your goal. Try something new, see if I am still capable of learning on the job fast, working with a deadline, that sort of thing. Was it easy? No, but important challenges never are. The client is happy with the resulting shots and so am I. Do I want to do this type of photography more often? Com certeza, claro que sim!