Writing an article on something specific if there is too much going on in my head can be a difficult process. For one thing, thoughts are faster than fingers on a keyboard, so I loose track of what I am thinking. I’ve tried dictation software many times, but after a […]

Different views

New Dream
Through the woods, but not really With the dreamy soundscapes of Robert Rich playing in the background, I am trying to figure out why, so far, nobody has been able to make me buy presets for the image editors I use. Could a Sleeklens© workflow be something I finally really want to […]

New Dream – Sleeklens workflow review

To be honest, I am not at all happy with these shots. Grey skies without dramatic clouds because of lacking backlight. Not much time given that it was only a short walk… Oh well, to search for perfection is all very well, but to look for heaven is to live […]

Killing time in Sintra

Recently a friend posted a remark about how many photographers these days seem to be more post-processing ‘artists’ to the max than skilled photographers. Unfortunately in that is true in a sense. Many have been taking things so far over the top that their work becomes so unrealistically hyper-realistic that […]

The Lie

São João do Estoril coast
January, and odd name for a peculiar month. Over time strangely connected to new beginnings and second chances. Promises made during the first few minutes of the new year, some broken within hours or days. A short attention span generation struggling in an ever changing society, failing on many levels. […]

January, mixed bag and feelings

Sunset without tripod
A sunset screams for a tripod. But there is this thing with tripods: they are a nuisance to carry around. Unless you spend quite a lot of money on a very lightweight one, they are pretty heavy and on top of that they are bulky. A good ND filter – […]

Sunset without a tripod

Mushrooms everywhere
Autumn, when the forest floor turns wet and the visible, fruity parts of the always present fungi start to show themselves in an endless multitude of shapes and colours. The time that photographers kneel, bend their backs and necks in near impossible positions to capture the beauty of nature´s communication […]

Mushroom abundance

Quinta do Pisão
Quinta do Pisão is located in the North of the municipality of Cascais, at the base of the Sintra mountain range, and it covers an area of 380 hectares within the Sintra Cascais Natural Park. Dedicated to farming, forestry and pasture, it represents an important heritage, both in the structural […]

Quinta do Pisão