an hour at the coast
Even though I don’t really like the ocean, it’s just too much water, it is a nice place to chill and take the occasional picture. In fact, sometimes I don’t even care what is in the picture as long as the sky looks beautiful.

Coast line

Hot Day at Guincho photograph
There are times that I feel a bit disconnected from the part that wants to go out and shoot. At times like that I can not seem to see enough beauty around me to capture. I am not the kind of photographer that always carries a camera when on the […]

Hot day at Guincho

Up the hill
Who is this person? This person waking up in the morning, experiencing a body that is – more or less – responding to the strange urge to get up. The physical need to start moving. Direction still unknown. A large window of opportunities, the warmth of the sun on his […]

In search of the elusive self

Junkie outhouse
There is always some risk involved in taking pictures at abandoned sites. Over the years I´ve met crazy cats, stray dogs and the occasional homeless. Therefore I always approach with caution, even if I already know a specific site. Sometimes I feel stupid when a building turns out to be […]

Junkie territory

trying to hide
In my search for a Lightroom replacement, I´ve installed Darktable and after clicking here and there in the preferences to see what each setting could do for me, I imported one directory of NEF files. During this phase I discovered that I may have been looking for my GPU problem […]

Darktable, first steps

Fuck you, Adobe!
The issue Two updates ago, Adobe’s Lightroom messed up many a photographer’s workflow. The software had gotten slow, did not use a host of GPUs properly and as I wrote about previously, the much anticipated panorama feature performed in a quirky fashion. So, when the almost latest update arrived I was […]

Lightroom´s dark side

teach your children
All of these were taken within a 500m radius. This time I decided to ignore the garbage and concentrate solely on peace, mindfulness and beauty.

Just for the beauty

beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but ugliness is there for everyone to see. I´ll let the pictures do the talking.

That which can not be unseen

A weekend in the North
The past months I´ve been on the road with Manifesto in a different setting than in previous years. Was I previously taking photos, lately I’ve been playing with them on their Dar o corpo ao Manifesto tour in support of the Portuguese voluntary firefighters. A very exciting and satisfying experience, […]

Bombeiros de Minho

summer shrooms
Mushrooms don’t really care about the season, it´s all about the right circumstances to grow. Apparently my balcony provides exactly those for this specific species. Kind of ironic, considering that while I was living in The Netherlands whenever I had a balcony it was too hot to enjoy and now […]

Summer mushroom

Ao borboletário
Not the largest place in the country for watching butterflies, O Borboletário, at the Parque Urbano da Quinta de Rana, is a quiet oasis to wind down. Watching a beautiful butterfly, trying to see patterns in its behaviour, the way of lifting off. Patterns in their flying. It provides a perfect way […]

Butterfly effect